hey there, little bear

 Stress is inescapable. And these past couple days I have stressed myself sick. We need to be strong. We need to find ways to cope and deal with stress and anxiety because it’s apart of our daily lives. Here is what helps me. And I hope it can help you let go of whatever it is that’s causing you pain. 

Number 1: We need to ACCEPT that stress is a part of life. It’s inevitable- especially in health care. (Oh, the irony). Don’t waste your time trying to tell yourself that “I shouldn’t have to deal with this”. Spend your energy looking for ways to move forward. 

Number 2: Perspective. One flat tire will not ruin your entire day. Avoid catastrophozing minor circumstances. Reframe your mind.  Refuse to allow pessimistic monologue to take control of your situation. 

Number 3: Take care of your physical health. Your body is a temple. It is impossible to combat the daily stressors of life if you are running on E. Exercise. Eat healthy. And most importantly SLEEP. 

Number 4: Find a healthy coping skill. It’s easy to down a glass or two or five of wine and call it a day. It’s easy to grab the hot Cheetos or pink of chocolate chip cookie dough and park it on the couch. Find healthy activities. Go for a walk. Draw. Find a new hobby. 

Number 5: Balance social activities with solitude. Don’t pack in a butt load of social activities to avoid facing your problems. Find the balance. Healthy social life and time to be alone and allow yourself to feel.

Number 6: Acknowledge your choices. Do not play the victim. Taking accountability for your actions is a CHOICE. Be willing to say NO to things you don’t want to do.

Number 7: Find the silver lining. No.. this does not mean seeing the world through rose colored lenses. Be a realist. But during tough times, look for the positives. Good things DO come from tough circumstances- in fact.. most good things are EARNED through hard work. Remind yourself of your goals. Use tough times to make you stronger. 


If you only had one thing to take away from my advice it’s this: your MIND, your PERSPECTIVE, your THOUGHTS, are the ONLY way “out” of feeling overwhelmingly stressed out. Remind yourself that YOU are in full control of how you DEAL and COPE with all of your anxieties. Do this for me… take 5 minutes to yourself. Allow yourself to feel. Take a big, deep breath and exhale ALL of your stress. Let. It. Go.