Anatomy tips 101:

Here are some of the things that helped me most during anatomy. 

Number 1: THE MEMORY PALACE. This is a method of memory enhancement that uses visualizations with the use of spatial memory and familiar information about our environment in order to quickly recall information. You start with a familiar location. Make it a journey in your mind. Associate mnemonics images with the info your studying. I highly recommend watching YouTube videos about how to create your own memory palaces!!  

Number 2: use spaced repetition. Increase the time between learning something new and revising it again to test yourself in order to see how well you know it. 

Number 3: improve your memory. After you’ve learned something new, replay it in your mind. Associate different content with places you’re familiar with. USE MNEMONICS. 

Number 4: read effectively! Formulate your own questions. Read then recite. TEACH. Then review. 

Number 5: use mind maps. Start with pertinent informations. Put it in the middle of your map. Then uses branches to connect ideas pertaining to the topic. 

Number 6: learn with games. Matching games, anatomy scrabble, anatomy quizzes. Whatever you need to make it STICKY. 

Number 7: coloring books! Yes you can still be a grown up and color. Coloring helps your mind associate form with function. 

Number 8: stop procrastinating!! Divide your work into bite sized chunks. Reward yourself and make it fun! 

I hope this helps you on all of your anatomical adventures!